WELCOME! ¡BIENVENIDOS! BIENVENUE! !ברוך הבא Добро пожаловать!

Hi. My name's Adam Fisher. My parents thought it'd be a great idea to make my middle name Lincoln, and so my nickname from about third grade onwards was 'Link.' I'm a nerd who sucks at most things related to physical activity, but I've got a mind that wanders too far away from me for far too long, and as a result this site was born. So welcome, whoever's reading this. Welcome to link-fisher.neocities.org—your confusion, my hell.

Ever since I was about twelve, I've had an affinity for writing novels and a bit of poetry. While I was never super good at writing either, I've tried my hand at it enough to impress maybe two people at school and get A's in English class. From what I've written, I suppose it could be said I'm an amateur an unpaid author. Then again, from what I've written it could be said that I'm some weirdo who's interested in the strangest crap.

If you'd like to see what I've written, you can click on any of the boxes below (which will be there eventually), and in due process they will be posted in their entirety.